Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Free State sightings for the week - part 4

Free State sightings for the week - part III

Free State sightings for the week - part II

Free State sightings for the week.

Hi all.

The sightings for the week.


We got all 3 RRL 91's and their 36 in the station at Welkom. Noticed some new concrete culverts still with SASSAR on them trackside near Mooiveld.

Near Theunissen we noticed a Southbound container train behind two SAR maroon 6E's. As she entered Theunissen a white rail trolley sped past heading North. We got this train at Eensgevonden, E 1532 & E xxxx. A friendly hoot and wave from the crew.

At Brandfort we got 2x orange 35's, ex Bloemfontein on a load of mielies heading to Theunissen for the shunt. 35 281 & 35 261.

Eensgevonden still stands locked up with a panel and some furniture inside, even a safe remains but the vandals are starting to break in.


First train for the day was at Wesselsbron, blue 34 093 & blue 34 037 were busy shunting at the silos.

Bloemhof was enveloped in a thick mist. At the station we noticed the staff combi after a driver change. The late running Northbound Trans Karoo tourist was just heading out of the station. This train did not have a generator car or steam car?? Leading was orange E 14xx "K".

Near Britten we got a Northbound load of Lime behind Spoornet maroon E 10 015 & Blue E 10 xxx.

At Christiana we got a Southbound load of DZ's behind orange E 1726 "NT".

Back in Wesselsbron 34 037 & 34 093 coming from Bultfontein on a short load of FZ's and two DZ's. The first DZ was full of rock and the second had several workers travelling in it, repairs somewhere in the section.


On passing Allanridge we noticed quite some activity in the yard area. On closer investigation we got orange 34 058 completely off the rails and buried in the ballast about running board height. This happened at 0500, they were on their way to shunt the silos - unknown to the crew about 100m of rails were stolen. Pushing back "gat eerste" and it being dark the loco ran off the rails and onto the ballast. Kroonstad's breakdown crew was on site. Soon Spoornet maroon 34 067 came from the Welkom shunt to assist in recovering the loco. We left to return again in the afternoon.

At Harrisburg we got a long load of Southbound coal behind TFR E 18 508, blue E 18 049, TFR E 18 501, blue E 18 259 and TFR E 18 614, friendly hoot from the crew.

At Leeubos this train was looped for a Northbound load of iron ore behind SAR maroon E 10 110, SAR E 10 xxx and blue E 10 xxx.

Leeudoringstad had the spoorbaan busy on the line so the coal train was stopped and then proceeded "Wrong road working" to Makwassie.

Grasslands had several container trucks standing on the loop without any motive power. Still the signals were set "wrong road".

Just before Bloemhof we got a Northbound container train behind orange E 1726 "NT" & orange E 1259. Probably also heading to Grasslands. The reason for this was that last night a big derailment took place at Bloemhof. Plenty of spoorbaan guys were busy repairing the tracks. Also in the station we got a Northbound train of covered DZ's behind SAR maroon E 1484 "K", orange E xxxx and orange E 1391. There was another single orange unit standing with panto up, E 1688.

Near Erfdeel we got Spoornet maroon 34 453 & orange 34 499 on a load of Kroonstad bound mielies.

Back in Allanridge we found 34 058 rerailed, with all staff gone. Soon 34 453 & 34 499 came past with their mielie train.


34 058 was still standing at Allanridge.

Near Bothaville we got blue 34 093 on a short Kroonstad bound load of mielies, a hoot and wave from the crew. Got this train again at Skoonspruit.

At Protespan we got Spoornet maroon 34 453 & orange 34 499 on a long load of mielies heading towards Wesselsbron.

Gunhill yard had plenty of traffic but no shunting movements were taking place.

We paid a visit to Holfontein. Since our last visit, the station has just been destroyed even more and the grass is taking over everywhere.


First sighting for the day was Sheltam's 32 class on a load of ore.

At Hennenman we noticed the Northbound signals were set up. Soon blue 34 037 on a load of empty timber trucks from Friedesheim.

Later in the day we just missed 2x orange 6E's on a load of Southbound load of petrol tankers near Welgelee.

Last sighting was RRL at Welkom station.

J & J.

Sunday morning at Leeuhof yard

Made a visit to Leeuhof yard this morning, upon arrival 4 class 36 shunter locomotives left the depot on way to Sasolburg. In the yard 3 class 6E1 locomotives were getting ready to leave for Springs with a train of cement. 4 class 18E locomotives were allso coupled up to a train of manganese ore heading from Mamatwan to Durban .The locomotive depot had several class 6E1 and class 18es present.