Thursday, 28 July 2011

Reefsteamers to the South Coast.

Dear Reefsteamers and Friends of Steam,

Here are some brochures for this year’s Cherry Festival Train as well as the planned train for the New Year.

Time to start making some end-of-year plans methinks!

Please help us to get these trains fully booked by spreading the news amongst people that you know.

Of course, you are more than welcome to book train trips for yourselves as well. As per the general public, you will be assigned space on the train on a first booked–first paid basis. (Deposits)

Please remember that according to Reefsteamers’ existing rules, no ‘freebie’ rides will be permitted on either of these trains. All Reefsteamers members who appear to ride ‘for free’ will in fact be designated coach staff, support personnel or loco crew members.

Also when it comes to rostering people for the trips, preference is given to Reefsteamers Members who regularly contribute towards the welfare and maintenance of Reefsteamers, and have the necessary skills required to constructively assist us on a long-distance trip.

Please do not address queries to me, I am only passing on the brochures.

Lee Gates

Cherry Festival Train

This train deserves to succeed. Please support Reefsteamers.


Hi guys.

Have a look at the cow-catcher being used as a scraper to flatten the new

J & J.

Sheltam 31 class near old Saaiplaas 4 shaft.

Lennings Rail Services at Tierfontein.

Between Friedesheim and Welkom - mielies from Wesselsbron.

Drie Ruiters.


Two class 14E's pulling the Blue Train through Leeudoringstad.


Friedesheim, ex Bultfontein, mielies

Class 34-499 on a grain train.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Whites, containers heading South

Whites, containers heading South. Note the second class 6E1, this is the original Spoornet livery with the stripes down the side. Again photograph this livery while you can as they are not common place.

skid marks!!

Bloemhof Station.

Trans Karoo at Bloemhof

Hi guys.

Got the Trans Karoo at Bloemhof today - about 7 hours late...

Have a look at the skid marks!!


Bloemhof station

There are not many class 6E1's left in original livery. So photograph them while you can. This unit still carries the builder plates but the number plates have been removed.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Sighting this week from Jacque.

18E's on car train Welgelee