Monday, 23 January 2012

Blue Train near Harrisburg & near Kingswood.


Hi guys.

We got the Premier Classe heading down to the big bash in Bloemfontein. She
was going at over 100Km/h ! Then the Johannesburg bound Algoa came past -
running almost 8 hours late...

J & J.

At Cronnel, nearing Virginia.

Again a mix of 6E and 6E1




Two class 6E1 on a container train.

Bloemhof and surrounds.

Kalkvlakte -

A class 6E with a 6E1 on a car train

Grasslands, heading south after authorization to proceed past signal at danger.

Daalder, again staged for CTC failure.

Whites, Christmas special 3rd class down to East London.

Wesselsbron - have a look at the sheer size of those silos!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

500th POST

We have reached 500 posts. Many people have contributed to the previous 499 and I would like to thank them for the continued support. I asked Jacque Wepener to supply me with pictures for the 500th post that were not his normal style and he obliged. Hope you enjoy.....and look forward to the next 500!


PS if you save the picture, the file name is the location where the picture was taken.