Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sightings Part II

Part of this sightings report is here.


Hi guys.

Between Eensgevonden and Vet river, E 1596 & sister were heading south with a short load of fuel, also in the consist were a 36 and 34 class diesel heading to Bloemfontein. Hoots from the crew.

The two orange 6E's are heading to Bloemfontein light, this is at Virginia. Greetings from the crew.

Rooiblom/Ancona was the scene for the 2 blue 34's heading back to Kroonstad with a load of mielies from Wesselsbron.

Rails were being replaced near Wesselsbron.

34 499 was shunting the Mondi timber siding at Friedesheim.

Shots of the line between Chrisbouw and Odendaalsrus.

Friedesheim saw the arrival of a load of mielies headed to Allanridge. In the station RRL's Hercules was being rescued by their 35 07 after it had failed in the section. The temporary numbers are now removed. This train was held back for the timber shunt to proceed before she was allowed to return
to Welkom.

34 406 was shunting at Hennenman silos, taking an air braked load of mielies back to Kroonstad.

Then a load of mielies just south of Welgelee, the silos are visible is the background.

The old pump station at Kingswood.

E 1484 & E 1356 headed through Boskuil heading south, the catenary guys were busy here.

Just before Makwassie E 1579 & sister went south on a load of containers.

Some pics of the destroyed station at Makwassie. Old rails "CGR 1890" were found in the remains of a fence on the platform.

A southbound load of ore wagons being looped for a crossing with a northbound load of ore wagons. Both these trains has over 100 trucks in the consist.

Greetings from all the crews.

J & J.


Hi guys.

The gold mining strike means the ore haulages are non-existent as can be seen by the photos taken at the gold plant. Almost all the hoppers are staged there.

Wesselsbron is where the two 34's are shunting, ready to push back into the silos.

An overhead catenary inspection trolley was standing at Bloemhof under the old goods shed.

The 6E1's are heading South near Grasslands with a load of containers.

Boskuil has now been cleared/cleaned of all the accident debris following the coal train derailment several months back. Some of the damaged wagons are still standing at Makwassie.

The next lot are all at Leeudoringstad within about 45 minutes, not too bad, even with a crossing...

1) A Southbound load of hoppers behind 2x 6E1's, hoots from the crew.
2) Another Southbound load being looped for the crossing.
3) Northbound, plenty of hoots from the crew, they haven't seen me line side
for several months!

31 class at Sheltam's depot.

J & J.