Saturday, 27 December 2008

Class 7M - EMU prototype from Siemens

Will add some information on the 7M soon.
This picture was taken in February 2008 on a stormy overcast day next to the Salt River workshops, Cape Town.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Holiday Express from Khayelitsha

This I found very interesting. Taken from the western cape metrorail webpage.

Another positive marketing idea from SARCC / Metrorail. Lets hope people support the idea. Hopefully somebody took some pictures of the special. There is a second special which could still be photographed on News Years day!

The route the express takes is interesting but also a logical route.


26 December 2008 and New Years Day the Khayelitsha Express makes a special day trip to the beaches of the South Peninsula.

Families from Khayelitsha, Nonkqubela, Nolungile, Mandalay, Stock Road, Philippi, Kapteinsklip, Lentegeur, Nyanga, Heideveld, Netreg, Bontheuwel, Langa and Mitchell’s Plain can board the Express for a day of fun at any of the beaches en route (Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek.)

Train departs Khayelitsha at 07:20 on both days and returns to Khayelitsha Station at 18:51.

The cost of this special family treat is a flat rate of R40 per person for a daily return ticket. Tickets may be bought at any of the stopping stations during business hours. On board cabin crew and security staff.

The offer is exclusive to the Express on the two public holidays only and season tickets (weeklies and monthlies) will not apply for this purpose.

Full timetable available below or call 0800 65 64 63.

Train Number Station Time
0410 Khayelitsha 07:20:00
Nonkqubela 07:23:30
Nolungile 07:27:30
Mandalay 07:30:30
Stock Road 07:33:30
Philippi 07:42:00
0412 Kapteinsklip 08:00:00
Mithcell's Plain 08:03:30
Lentegeur 08:06:30
Nyanga 08:12:30
Heideveld 08:15:30
Netreg 08:18:30
Bonteheuwel 08:21:30
Langa 08:24:30
Muizenberg 09:09:30
St James 09:12:30
Kalk bay 09:16:30
Fish Hoek 09:19:00
0416 Fish Hoek 17:30:00
Kalk Bay 17:34:30
St James 17:37:30
Muizenberg 17:40:30
Langa 18:18:30
Bonteheuwel 18:21:30
Netreg 18:24:30
Heideveld 18:27:30
Nyanga 18:31:30
Phillippi 18:36:00
Stock Road 18:39:30
Mandalay 18:42:30
Nolungile 18:45:30
Nonkqubela 18:48:30
Khayelitsha 18:51:00
Lentegeur 19:22:30
Mitchell's Plain 19:26:00
Kapteinsklip 19:30:00

Monday, 15 December 2008

Khayelitsha Express - Mutual Station

As the express only stops at a few stations. We decided to go as far Mutual Station. After a swift journey, we arrived at Mutual on time. The platform was very busy with people waiting on the normal Metrorail trains. Some passengers do get on the express at Mutual but we were the only ones who got off.

The picture was taken by Les when the express was pulling away.

There is a very good and well written report on the express at Friends of the rail forum. See the link for some great pictures and the report.

Khayelitsha Express - The trip on the express

On the 28th, we bought our tickets at Cape Town Station, the Khayelitsha Express has its own ticket counter for express reasons. Our set awaited us on platform 22. Smartly uniformed staff meet and greet you at the each door of the entire express. The train gets full pretty quickly and soon there are no seats left. You are offered a hot or cold drink of your choice and a news paper to read.

Train left at 17h10
Ticket cost R15 one way
Express left from Platform 22

The service is very good and well patronised. Good one SARCC / Metrorail for thinking positive!

Khayelitsha Express - Interior

The pictures from our visit to Paarden Island. Pictures depict the different interior of the 10M2 and the 10M5.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Khayelitsha Express - My outing with the express

On the 27th of February 2008, I set out with Les Kenward after we had been given permission by Metrorail to visit the Khayelitsha Express. The express is staged at Paarden Island during the day when not in use due to security reasons. The express is made up of re-built 10M2 MC/TC and the newer 10M5. Security are on board the train 24 hours a day, to protect the interior from theft, as there is catreing equipment on each coach.

The coaches were very clean and well kept. We had full access to the set and really enjoyed the visit. The plan was to catch the service the next day.

Some pictures of our visit.

Khayelitsha Express - Official launch.

This information comes from the webapge.

The Minister of Transport, Jeff Radebe and SARCC CEO, Lucky Montana have recently unveiled the Khayelitsha Express Service to enhance Metrorail’s service as part of the passenger rail turn around strategy. The new service is expected to cut traveling between Khayelitsha and Cape Town while also providing for own vehicle users through park and ride facilities. The face-lift commuter train started running a full service on the 1st of November 2007, stopping at three stations only en route to Cape Town. The Western Cape MEC of Community Safety, Leornard Ramatlakane and the Mayor of Cape Town Hellen Zille were amongst the dignitaries who graced the occasion. The celebration concluded with an inaugural trip on the Khayelitsha Express from Khayelitsha to Cape Town.

Some pictures from the launch of the service, also from the Cape Metrorails webpage.