Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hi guys.

RRL's Hercules was caught at the Friedesheim exchange yard with a load of empty hoppers from 5 shaft and again near the shaft itself. The Queensland diesels have left Welkom.

At Bloemhof a North bound load of ore wagons speeded through behind 4x blue 10E's. Later another load of ore wagons headed South behind 5x 18E's.

The Blue Train was heading South just after Makwassie.

Sheltams 31 was on its way to the exchange yard with Harmony Surface Rail.

RRL's 31 was found at Niemandsland with empties returning from the gold plant.

Yet another load of ore at Bloemhof behind 10E's

South bound containers near Kingswood

Mielies heading South near Drie Ruiters.

Again, RRL near Friedesheim.

J & J.