Friday, 25 March 2011

Grain action

There aren't any sightings, but I caught the following over the last couple of days.
1) Trolley heading towards Kroonstad at Welgelee.
2) 34 499 shunting the silos at Wesselsbron.
3) 34 067 - as above.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Last weeks action - Part II

Last weeks action

Hi all.
We got Spoornet maroon 34 067 returning from Friedesheim with empty timber trucks near Welkom. The stolen lines at Friedesheim are having there sleepers uplifted for use elsewhere.
Near Bloemhof we missed a Southbound load of coal behind 4x 10E's of various liveries. The station and silo area were full of mielie trucks. There are also three rail bolsters standing staged here. A while later blue E 18 066, TFR E 18 523 and blue E 18 xxx headed South with a load of mielies.
Near Grasslands Northbound blue E 18 350, TFR E 18 616, blue E 18 xxx, blue E 18 xxx and TFR E 18 xxx sped past with a load of fine coal.
At Kingswood the signals were set up for the loop. A Southbound container train slowly came past behind orange E 1310 and orange E xxxx, plenty of refrigerated containers in the load.
At Drie Ruiters we found the catenary guys busy on the overheads. Hence the occupation and the load on the loop at Kingswood. Here we got another Southbound load creeping by slowly. This was a load of iron ore wagons behind blue E 10 024 "Newcastle", blue E 10 041, blue E 10 xxx & orange E 10 021. The signals were green again in a few minutes and then yet another Southbound load of containers crept past. This time behind orange E 1588 & orange E 1xx6.
Just before Makwassie Spoornet maroon E 1307, SAR Maroon E xxxx, orange E xxxx, orange E xxxx & Spoornet maroon E xxxx sped past at an incredible lick on a Southbound load of coal trucks.
Friendly hoots, wave and greetings from all the crews.
Plenty of mielie trucks at al the silos in our area but we keep on missing the trains.
Blue 34 093 & blue 34 406 were staged in Welkom station with a long load of mielies, crews time up.
All the ore haulages were seen, Sheltam, RRL and Harmony surface rail.
J & J.