Thursday, 8 November 2012




Shunting at Wesselsbron silos.

Harmony surface rail Welkom Gold Plant.

RRL's 31 class, Welkom showgrounds en route to exchange yard with Harmony surface rail

Wesselsbron to Protespan.

More sightings.

The 6E is staged at Theunissen.

The first shot of the fuel train is at Brandfort, the last two is of the same train coming up from Vet River, heading towards Theunissen.

Sighting Mix

Hi guys.

Today we got Harmony surface rail on the way to Unisel.

At Whites a North bound train of mostly fuel tankers came past, hoots from the crew.

We got this train again at Hennenman, where we also got 34 031 on its way to shunt at the silos.

The two shots of Sheltam's 31 class is near there depot, this train is heading to the exchange yard with Harmony. In the back ground you can see 4 shaft's headgear.

Friedesheim produced the maintenance vehicle.

Lastly, 34 058 is returning from Tierfontein with the pick-up, heading to Kroonstad, hoots from the crew.

J & J.