Saturday, 6 February 2010

Class 7E's now in purple livery.

First we saw 6E's and 18E's with Shosholoza Meyl livery, then some class 35 diesels. Jez Smith was in Kimberley recently and visited Beaconsfield Depot and spotted class 7E # 7068 and # 7031 painted in the new livery from PRASA. He also noted that he only saw the locomotives working on passenger trains. Thanks for the pictures Jez!

One wonders when the blue train will get class 14E's painted in the correct livery? Possibly due to the fact that the class belong to TFR and not PRASA?

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Moses Mabhida Station - Part II

In August 2009, I stopped at the site and photographed the progress of the new station. According to contacts, the station is on schedule and will be finished in March 2010. The station posed many challenges as track alignment, overhead changes, signalling and station construction had to be done while keeping the railway open as this is a very busy section on the network servicing one of the large townships and the north coast.

Trying to get latest pictures of the station.

Moses Mabhida Station

Moses Mabhida Station is a brand new station built on the North side of Durban Station, effectively at the end of the staging yards. The station is built next to the new world cup football stadium - Moses Mabhida. Here are some artists impressions of the new station from the ARUP group.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rovos Rail

André Kritzinger visited Rovos at their Capital Park depot / Station. Some random shots from André, including the new 2nd hand electrics. Have heard various rumours that TFR give them hassles when running the electrics on legitimacy grounds. Its about time new legislation is passed allowing private operators to work on the TFR network like many other parts of the world.

Rovos Rail do amazing things considering all the hurdles they always have put in front of them.