Thursday, 3 February 2011

Transnet new GE C30ACi locomotives - Part II

Visit SAR Connecta blog and see the units on their way to Gauteng. Charles had his finger on the button (again).

Some direct links to his wonderful pictures.

Transnet new GE C30ACi locomotives

The first pictures of the new C30ACi locomotives emerged from in December. The new class 43-000 arrived in Durban last week. These pictures show the unloading of 43-001 and 43-002 and came courtesy of Transnet. The locomotives have since made their way to Gauteng.

Last weeks sightings - Part III

Last weeks sightings - Part II

Last weeks sightings.

Hi all.

The last batch of sightings.

SAR maroon E 1537 (with numberplates) Kaap & SAR maroon E 1615 were on the Bloemfontein bound container train near Kalkvlakte.

Orange 34 043 came through Friedesheim with a very late load of mielies heading into the Sandveld, this was due to locomotive failures all over the show. Orange 34 058 headed through Virginia, light loco en-route to Kroonstad, the return working of the Welgelee pick-up. The amount of water flowing beneath the rail bridges at Virginia over the Sand river is quite impressive due to the Alleman's kraal dam over flowing. At Welkom we got orange 34 028 working a load of empty timber trucks to Kroonstad running backside first. This was the return working of the Friedesheim timber shunt.

Just south of Leeudoringstad we got a northbound load of containers behind SAR maroon E 1612 & orange E xxxx. Near Makwassie orange E 1499 headed north with one sugar truck, now used for mielies. Orange E 1211 Cape Western headed south through Bloemhof with a very short load of empty container trucks. While waiting for a northbound train at Bloemhof we noticed something interesting. On one of the loops we found silver painted FZ's and FP trucks, converted to convey mielies. On further investigation we saw these were Trans Namib wagons, waiting to be filled with export maize. The truck cards were all damaged due to the rain so no origin could be established. A 110 wagon ore train sped past behind 6x 18E's, of blue and TFR liveries. The speed was to great to get any numbers, this stays an awe inspiring sight... As usual all the crews greeted us friendly.

Between Kroonstad and Hennenman we got both the Algoa and Amatola running not too late and within minutes of each other. A single orange 6E on each train, strangely neither had and dining cars on them?

J & J.