Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hi guys.

Lots of trains were missed and the photo opportunities were bad...

RRL are hiring a 35 class from TFR in Kroonstad again. Their 31 needs some repairs to the compressor. I have heard that one of their own 35's is coming this way soon. Also that a "bigger" Queensland diesel is being sent this way for testing? Will see soon enough.

Harmony Surface Rail near the diesel depot.

The hired 35 at Welkom station and the Hercules taking fuel.

RRL's 31 near Friedesheim, then the Hercules near the Show grounds.

Another HSR loco near the Gold plant.

Virginia ballast shunt.

Mielies heading through Virginia en-route to Kroonstad, pity they planted a street light in front of the unit !!

Then what's left of the old side door suburban coach at old Brand loco shed. Don't think this will be here for much longer, the surrounding area is being demolished. One bogie has a spoked wheel and dates to 1918.

Les - can you identify which year the different emblems on the windows come from?

J & J.

Hi Jacque,

As with coaching stock liveries, the emblems also didn't change spontaneously but I can provide a rough guide as to when the different types were used.  You need to bear in mind that older emblems remained in use if the window glass was still serviceable.
So the older emblems didn't suddenly disappear when the new emblems were brought into use.

Image 3170 - Introduced from 1927 - 1950 and retained where still serviceable.

Image 3171 - Introduced 1950s in SAR Shops as replacements.

Image 3172 - Introduced from 1910 - 1927 and retained where still serviceable.

Image 3174 - Introduced from 1950 (imported stock) up until final orders for coaching stock from UCW by SATS.