Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sightings galore! - Blue Train

Sightings galore! - Part 4

Sightings galore! - Part III

Sightings galore! - Part II

Sightings galore!

Hi guys.

The Wesselsbron pick-up returned light loco near Erfdeel, hoots from the crew.

E 1542 was shunting the mielie traffic at Bloemhof silos. A while later E 1613 & E 1352 came through heading towards Klerksdorp. We were told that there is an occupation near Britten and another near Warrenton due to ballast tamping.

The Weigh Bridge Test Wagons are standing at Leeudoringstad.

E 1168 was heading North between Bloemhof and Grasslands, waves from the crew, as can be seen! The load was containers.

Back at Bloemhof we found  5x 18E's doing a very complicated shunting movement? Later we learnt that these locos were off a North bound load of CAR wagon's whose front unit failed just outside Bloemhof. 18E's only have one driving end, so they had to re-arrange the locos to get moving again. They then left to fetch their train. While this was happening a ballast tamping machine headed through, later we got this the BTM just North of Bloemhof busy on the crossing loop. Then two light units arrived E 1585 & E
1279 they were to do the pick-up work at the silos, this happened at the same time the failed train finally headed through Bloemhof.

Just before Grasslands 4x 10E's came Northwards on a load of ore wagons. Leading was E 10 021 still in orange and looking quite good.

This train crossed a load of South bound CAR wagons at Grasslands.

We got E10 021 and her train again at Makwassie and Leeudoringstad. At Leeudoringstad we gave operating a call and they informed us that the Blue Train had just left Regina, strangely she was running on a Wednesday?

Between Leeudoringstad and Leeubos E 10 021 crossed with another South bound load of CAR wagons behind two blue 18E's.

Near Leeubos the Blue sped past, only to be held up at a red signal a short distance down the line. Plenty of hooting and waves from the crew. Normally she speeds past, however some nice photos could be obtained at this unscheduled stop. Soon she departed for Cape Town, after a short hoot. This train seemed to be almost, completely empty...

Further to our last report we have heard that TFR plans on implementing CS 90 operating between Kroonstad and Bloemfontein as soon as July of this year. Then the line North of Kroonstad is to follow. Also about the new diesels for Kroonstad, apparently they are going to be brand new, what class no-one knows, and also not when...

Enjoy this one as we doubt we'll get so many trains again soon!