Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sunrise at Hatfield Station

The service is a few days old. Great picture from Jade Wilson from his cell phone.


Gautrain opened last week (2nd August). The main route to be precise (Pretoria <>Johannesburg), unfortunately the last section into the CDB of Johannesburg has been delayed.

Jade Wilson took some pictures from the first few days.

Great stuff Gautrain, look forward to catching the the train in the next few weeks.

Welkom station

Great shots of Welkom station, returning light from Schuttesdraai. Thanks J&J.


Whites, empty car train heading south, containers and mielies heading north.


Losdorings, en-route to Wesselsbron and Butfontein.


Allanridge - returning with empty fuel tankers from Bothaville, en-route to Kroonstad.

Friday, 5 August 2011


Sightings between Houtenbek, Eensgevonden and Vetrivier. From Bloemfontein workshops
heading to Kroonstad and then further north.