Thursday, 9 April 2009

TFR Class 19E test train / Information
All pics, September 2008, at Petronella, by Chris Janisch:

Some text from Chris
The test train is pictured headed by a maroon 34-825 and 2 x 35s. The crossing is with an orange 35 class diesel on the way back from shunting the mills at Hammanskraal.
The 19E is still on test from Pyramid South, and will be for a while to come. At the moment she is testing between Hammanskraal and Pienaarsrivier. The consist is 3 diesel locos, 2 test cars and the electric. At the moment she is being tested against the braking power of the diesels. I managed to hop on board the loco today while halted at Petronella station, and was welcomed into the cab by the testing engineer. It is very comfortable and hi-tech inside. The loco produces 392kn of tractive effort, similar to a 7E.
Some further information on the Transnet Class 19E

Single Cab; Dual Mode - 3kV DC (2.4kV to 3.9kV) or 25kV (17kV to 26kV), 50Hz AC; 1067mm Gauge; Bo-Bo; Carbon Steel Underframe; Corrosion resistant 3CR12 body; Wheel diameter 1250mm; Max operating speed 120km/h, Maximum design speed 132km/h; Total mass 104t (26t/axle); Mass of fully equipped pair of bogies 25.57t; 392kN TE (starting), 300kN TE (Continuous); Specifically designed to operate on 1065mm gauge Coal Line route between Ermelo and Richards Bay; Overall length 18.3m.
CUSTOMER : Transnet Freight Rail (South Africa)

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